Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it called EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy are broad umbrella terms. Neurofeedback refers to any type of brain biofeedback including: HEG (blood flow), fMRI, and MEG (electromagnetic waves). EEG biofeedback refers just to brainwave biofeedback.  Specifically, Emerald Coast NeuroFeedback uses EEG Biofeedback. EEG (electroencephalography) is the recording of brainwave activity, and the feedback provided is responding to your second-to-second EEG read and training your brain based on your individual evaluation.

Who is a good candidate for EEG biofeedback?

You may be a good candidate if ANY of the following experiences are true for you:

  • If you are not satisfied with the results of medications alone or do not like the side effects/potential side effects of medications
  • Know that you want something more out of life but can’t seem to stay on track due to negative self-talk, fear, or anxiety
  • You wake up feeling negative emotions 
  • You have problems with focus, attention, or impulsivity
  • You have suffered a concussion
  • Have issues with sleep or fatigue 
  • Suffer frequent migraines or headaches
  • Have suffered a trauma that keeps playing over and over in your head or interferes with life in other ways
  • You have frequent nightmares, night terrors, or negative dreams
  • Are willing to commit to at least 2 EEG biofeedback sessions per week for   20 sessions

Can EEG biofeedback replace medication?

While under an MD’s supervision most people can either cut down or stop using their medication after successfully completing the required number of sessions.

Is EEG biofeedback covered by insurance?

There are insurance codes (CPT codes) for EEG biofeedback (EEG biofeedback is the term insurance companies use for neurofeedback).  Unfortunately, there aren’t consistent requirements for reimbursement among insurance companies and individual policies. The best thing to do is to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances. Even if it is not reimbursable through insurance, most people feel that the benefits of EEG biofeedback are worth the out-of-pocket investment in their well-being.

How many neurofeedback sessions will I need?

Improvements may be seen in the first couple of neurofeedback sessions for some. Within 5-8 sessions, most people will notice changes in their symptoms/movement towards their goals. However, this does not mean that you are done. It is important to continue sessions beyond this initial point for results to be lasting. On average, 20-30 sessions are recommended; though there are more specific ways to measure an individual has completed a protocol.

Does anything go into my brain?

No. Absolutely nothing goes into the brain. Sensors are put on the scalp to pick up electrical activity coming from your brain. This gives the software real time updates as to how you’re responding.

Do you provide brainmapping?

Emerald Coast NeuroFeeback does not ‘scan your brain’ or provide a ‘map’ of your brain. There is no one particular signature brainwave associated with issues. As with many other health markers, even when brainwaves are in a ‘normal range’, there can be clear patterns in a person’s life that something is amiss.  For example, suboptimal performance in an athletic competition could be caused by inattentiveness (theta) or negative self-talk (alpha). The brain is a complex system, and it is best to get at the root of an issue from clusters of symptoms. This is why Emerald Coast NeuroFeeback uses a symptom-based assessment tool to come up with individualized protocols. The athlete, for example, is well aware whether focus or negative self-talk caused their performance impediments, whereas, the root cause may not be revealed in his or her EEG.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply fill out the form on our contact us page, send us an email at or give us a call. We offer a complimentary phone consultation to answer any questions that you may have and can schedule your first session.

What is a neurofeedback session like?

Your first session will be an evaluation that takes about 90 minutes. We will ask you approximately 180 questions to determine what protocols are needed for your individual goals and to establish baselines for numerous symptoms to help track your progress. We will also work with you to come up with several measurable growth areas that will also be markers for progress. 

After this, we will schedule you for a minimum of two appointments a week to run the protocols that we have come up with for you. These sessions take 45 minutes to an hour. Each session you will first be asked specific questions to assess any symptom changes since your last session. You will then be hooked up to EEG sensors that go on your scalp. (It does not hurt, and nothing is going into your brain. It is just reading your EEG signal) While sitting in front of a computer in a comfortable chair you will simply watch the computer screen and/or listen to the auditory tones that are doing the training. We may run several protocols in one session depending upon your individualized plan. This would mean moving the sensors to various locations on the scalp. It is a very simple and passive process for the client.

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