EEG Biofeedback – A Big Hit in Baseball

baseball player

As a baseball player, how have you gotten in the way of your own success?  Negative self-talk can invade your mind and cloud your judgment.  When this happens, you are no longer in the present, your mind is elsewhere.  Often, the more you try to control your thoughts, the more they appear to take over and affect your play on the field.  Neurofeedback therapy trains your brain to stay in the present even after you strike out or make an error.    

Baseball is a sport that requires extreme focus, and attention to detail, and requires split second decision making.  As a hitter, you are trying to hit a ball with a diameter of less than three inches coming at you at speeds that range from 60 mph to 100 mph, not to mention the movement the ball may have depending on the type of pitch thrown.  A hitter can fail 70% of the time and still be considered successful with a batting average of .300 or above.  

When a hitter steps into the batter’s box, there could be 50 thoughts that run through his mind before the first pitch is even thrown.  Where do I need to line up, do I choke up more on the bat, is there anyone on base, how are the fielders positioned, will I get a fastball or an off-speed pitch, or am I going to strike out like last time?               

It’s easy to see how a hitter can spiral into a slump where he can’t seem to buy a hit.  When a hitter is in a batting slump, they spend hours taking extra batting practice and listening to coaches and peers to try to find what is wrong with their swing.  

Why not train your brain?  Peak performance brain training at Emerald Coast NeuroFeedback can help free your mind of stress, worry and self-doubt.  Neurofeedback, or (EEG) biofeedback, can help you develop a deep level of concentration and mental clarity, so your body and mind know what to do without thinking about it.